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Definitely the restaurant’s main attraction, the tasting menu is the best way to comprehend the chefs vision. Local and fresh products are explored through techniques that our chefs improved throughout their careers.


Organic  free-range chicken consome with bouquet garni from our garden


Scallop, grape, basil, fresh goat cheese, Lillet and basil 


Tomato and persian lime custard, sea urchin aspic and aged fish tartar



Sourdough bread, chorizo and mustard greens filled mussel and mussel butter with pink lemon-saffron gel


Red snapper, baby squid, hazelnut, cauliflower, heart of palm, ora-pro-nobis, mushroom and cocoa honey sauce


Fried sweetbreads skewers with eryngui grilled over charcoal and salsa verde



Dry aged beef tongue grilled over charcoal, organic leek, squash pumpkin

and brussel sprouts 


Wild passionfruit with mushroom ice-cream


"Walnut and Amonds"

Almond ice-cream with walnut crumble and praliné, coffee sauce and cacau crisps



350.- per person

( without wine pairing)

650.- per person

( with wine pairing)

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